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Live Easy
Innovation is Ageless
Live Easy is an action orientated consultation company that connects the dots between companies and consumers.
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Welcome to our company
Live Easy is an action orientated company that connects the dots between companies and consumers.

​30 years of real-life accessibility challenges and a wealth of product knowledge means that we can navigate almost any challenge that accessibility or Aging in Place can present.

Whether you are a company within the industry looking for help or a building owner presented with a problem or a homeowner looking to stay at home while you age…we can help

Business Solutions

Live Easy is able to offer manufacturers and dealers alike a formidable digital marketing strategy that rivals the large global companies. Built with specific talented skill sets the team is focused in the accessibility and aging in place markets


Live Easy has partnered with leaders in the Aging in Place and healthcare sector to bring new and innovative concepts to light.

Live Easy looks to provide access to accessibility, remove barriers of doing business for barrier-free design, provide safe and secure environments and ensure that common sense and trusting relationships lead to positive outcomes.
The combination of education, market awareness and solutions is a powerful means to accelerate the changes required in for Canadians to powerfully Age in Place


Occupational Therapist
“Jim Closs is a trusted advisor to the Occupational Therapy profession. He has worked with individual Occupational Therapists and with our professional organizations to help support and educate where mobility and lift products are concerned. Jim’s strength is his knowledge of the product landscape, and together with his technical expertise, he provides therapists with feature focused solutions to the physical challenges their clients face. On a personal level, Jim has worked with me to collaborate and develop new products and services – his understanding of the marketplace has been invaluable.”

“I have worked with Jim for many years and always valued his industry insight and admired his passion of bringing solutions to his clients. His contributions at the grassroots level of Canadian Home Healthcare are well known with industry insiders and his input is often sought by business leaders”

Access Contractor

“Jim has been at the forefront of the accessibility and aging in place industry for many years. He has always looked to make business easier for both the supporting companies and the customers alike. His collaborative approach has led to many successful outcomes and relationships.”


“Jim has an unique ability to find the connections between the seniors audience in Canada and commercial enterprise. His ability to listen to clients’ needs and customer wants allows for his creative solutions. I enjoy working with Jim and his team and look forward to future projects together”


Access Designer

“For well over 20 years I have relied on Jim to be my go to product expert with regard to accessibility lift devices. Through Jim’s expansive knowledge and expertise, he has been able to creatively explore solutions for each project based on the extraordinary needs of our clients. His understanding of the design /build process coupled with his knowledge of varying disabilities has proven invaluable in accommodating our clients needs. For that, we completely trust his judgement and expertise on any project he is called upon to assist with.”