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Business Solutions

The key to our success is that we combine experience with innovation and collaboration to help businesses to the next level of the user experience and client acquisition. 


Live Easy performance marketing is a niche digital marketing and digital lead generation business. We work with companies in speciality areas such as home modifications for seniors, senior care giving and home adaptations.


We would be happy to hear from manufacturers, distributors in the Stairlift , bathroom adaption , senior care and assistive technology sector who are looking to expand lead generation capabilities or just looking for advice and support around digital marketing or data analytics . We are interested in growing our customer base in the UK, Italy, North America and Spain.

A specialist and niche business needs a specialist and niche digital partner. We’d be happy to hear from you .


We specialize in design-led brand
communication and digital innovation


With over 50 years combined experience in this sector and a wealth of data and insight across the EU , North America & Canada , we believe we have the experience , assets & technology you need to generate more cost effective leads for your business.


Product Distribution

Live Easy provides a boutique distribution option to start-ups those companies looking to expand their Canadian presence in the accessibility and aging in place market. If you are a manufacturer looking for dedicated representation and real sales growth contact us, we would love to talk.


Live Easy’s vast experience across the entire Age in Place spectrum and their global partnerships gives them an unique perspective on audience engagement. Utilizing modern digital platforms while not forgetting the human touch, Live Easy group will expand your business’ audience through experience, innovation, tools and collaboration.

Business Development

Live Easy combines products with logistics, marketing, brand awareness to assist our partner clients gain market share and audience growth. We provide an avenue to market through market research as well as our vast connections within the industry.

As a start-up or a company looking to make the next step we optimize your resources that will lead to success.