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Live Easy has joined with Bay Area Health Trust to form a boutique distribution company that will focus on companies that aim to make aging in place safe and comfortable. The combination of BAHT resources with LEI’s experience and connections will serve an attractive model to small innovative start-ups who wish to penetrate the Canadian market or scale beyond their current sales.
About Bay Area Health Trust

At the intersection of health, life sciences and business, Bay Area Health Trust is an example of a successful partnership between hospitals and the for-profit private sector. Operating life science businesses with the goal of returning value to its beneficiaries, Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation and McMaster University Bay Area Health Trust promotes entrepreneurship and invests in growth-oriented businesses to support patient care. More information can be found at


AGENGAGE Digital Performance are specialists, business enthusiasts and passionate about lead generation and business development. Starting in 2001 after being challenged to create a Digital travel agency, the next 19 years they have managed all different kinds of websites and businesses with a high tracked record in efficiency and optimization, from ecommerce consumer goods to the global HME sector. Implementing SEO & SEM strategies worldwide and connecting them to the businesses by integrating Digital to CRM’s and ERP’s with only one objective in mind – Maximise ROI and Business growth.

In the last several years he has managed and led a team of excellent minds & very talented individuals working in the HME sector, managing multi-million Euro campaigns in PPC platforms, SEO and Social providing Leads growth for companies across Europe, NA and Canada.